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Heavy Drinkers Outlive Nondrinkers, Study Finds TIME

ContentHelp is Available During Every Stage of AlcoholismThe 4 Stages Of Alcoholism For The Functioning Alcoholic: A Path To AddictionHow can drinking too much affect me?How is alcohol-induced hepatitis diagnosed?Alcohol-Induced HepatitisMore health news + info Common outward changes may include flushed skin and a distended stomach or “beer belly.” They may not be aware, but alcohol is affecting their...

Effects of Alcohol on the Body: Short & Long-Term Effects

ContentSigns and symptoms of alcohol abuseLong-term effectsTreatment for alcohol use disorderUnderstanding Alcohol's Effects Alcohol puts the brakes on your body’s defenses, or immune system. Your body can’t make the numbers of white blood cells it needs to fight germs. So for 24 hours after drinking too much, you’re more likely to get sick. Long-term heavy drinkers are much more likely to get...

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